Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a booking at
Find an available campsite:

The booking process begins by choosing your desired destination, and if you are not sure where you want to go, you can find inspiration in our top destinations section and find additional tips in the description of Croatia and its regions. After this step, you should choose your dates of stay in the check-in and check-out boxes and select the preferred accommodation type. We need one more piece information to commence the search process – the number of guests and all you should do afterwards is click the "Search" button and the initial results will be promptly shown on your display. 

How to make a booking request:

After selecting the campsite, you can proceed with the booking process. You can find additional information about the chosen camp and locate it accurately on the map. In order to get a booking preview, you have to click "Get prices" and afterwards the "Book now" button that will lead you to a detailed camp’s description with its reviews, and with details about the accommodation type you have previously chosen, including the price range. In case you want to change the input of your inquiry, you can easily do that at the check-in, check-out and the number of guests’ boxes shown above the accommodation type list. By clicking "Get prices" and afterwards the "Book now" button, you will receive your booking overview, with all the information you need to make the final booking step. All you have to do here is review your booking, leave your contact details and choose extras to make your stay more comfortable. In case you have any special requests, you can send them through the contact form, which is shown below the lead passenger’s details.
How to make payment?
After confirming your booking details shown in the booking overview, you will see all payment information. Payment is secured.
How is the booking confirmed?
When you submit all your booking and payment details, you will receive a booking confirmation via the e-mail address you submitted. This confirmation note will include all important details of your stay – the location, dates, number of guests, accommodation type, extras (if you have any), the total price and indicated additional costs (such as tourist tax, registration fee etc.). All important notes will also be clearly indicated in this form, like the general terms and conditions, cancellation and amendments policy and other important information relevant for your stay. If you do not receive such confirmation, please contact us.
Can the booking details be changed after making payment?
If you have booked a campsite via and you received a confirmation, please note that all amendments and changes should be made in a written way, and send at the official e-mail address. Please keep in mind that all amendments are subject to the General terms & conditions and also have to be made in accordance with the cancellation policy, so some changes may be additionally charged in accordance with the previously mentioned regulations. 
Which personal details are required to make booking at
In order to make a booking the lead passenger has to fill in information about their title, name, surname, date of birth and e-mail address. Personal information about other passengers can be submitted at the same time as the lead passenger, or later in the process, but are not compulsory.
What if I have to change my booking details after making payment?
If you have booked a campsite via and received a confirmation, please note that all amendments and changes have to be made in a written way, and send at the following e-mail address: [email protected] Please keep in mind that all amendments are subject to the General terms & conditions and also have to be made in accordance with the cancellation policy, so some changes may be additionally charged in accordance with the previously mentioned regulations.
Where can I change booking details during the booking process? is designed in a way that input can be amended easily and so you don’t have to take a step back to correct or change them. For example, if you have chosen the camp you would like to book and you want to change the number of guests, you can do that easily on the same page by clicking on "Change the number of guests". The same process applies to dates and currency. 
What if my booking request was rejected?
Your booking request might be rejected in case that there is no available accommodation type in your selected dates, which will be clearly indicated on the site in the previous steps of choosing the most suitable campsite. If this is not the case, and you still cannot proceed with your booking, please contact us. Some camps on our site work in request mode. This means that you cannot book directly, but you can send a request following the same steps as you would when booking. If your request is rejected in this case, our customer service team will contact you as soon as possible via e-mail or telephone.
How long does it take to make my booking valid after sending the request?
When your request is received, having finished the booking and payment procedure (having left the required information), your booking is valid, which will be indicated to you with the confirmation note. As for the camps that work in request mode (so you cannot book in them directly) your request will be processed shortly, and the customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.
Is it possible to make multiple bookings for different destinations and location types?
Multiple bookings can be made, but not in one step. You should make a separate booking for each new location or different accommodation type.
How can a make a booking for non-consecutive days?
You should make separate bookings for each time period separately. 
How reliable are the information provided at the website
The website is a complex project, and information regarding certain subjects might change. We are closely monitoring all the issues regarding the topics we cover, and will always try to keep you informed of these changes. Despite our effort, it may occasionally happen that has not been informed (in time) of any changes or provided with the latest information. For this reason, cannot be held responsible for these changes. The photographs are also a good supporting source of information and can give you a better impression of what you can expect. However, sometimes even the photographs cannot give a full impression, so please be aware that the real situation may vary. Please bear in mind that these are the facts that cannot influence.
Which liabilities covers? is not liable for loss or theft (including of money), damage to property and harm or injury to clients, through whichever cause. During your stay you are liable for damage done to the holiday accommodation, the furnishings and all other objects belonging to the rented object which resulted from actions done by you and/ or your fellow traveller.
Does has best price guarantee? guarantees that you will pay a competitive price, which cannot exceed the price you would pay by booking directly at the camp. If you find the same quality accommodation type cheaper please inform us by e-mail at: [email protected]
How much is the tourist tax and how is it charged?
Tourist tax is charged according to the passenger’s age, and is calculated per passenger per day. The rate is fixed by each town. Tourist tax must always be paid locally (at the campsite). The amounts will be indicated in your reservation preview, calculated according the information you provided during the reservation process.
Is it possible to make amendments after the reservation is confirmed?
Once your reservation has been confirmed, changes can be made under certain conditions. In every case it will have to be checked whether the change is an amendment only or a cancellation, but please have in mind that additional charges may apply and in that case you will be informed accordingly.
Is it possible to make an advance booking?
If you want to make an advance booking for next year, please contact our customer service via e-mail, direct chat, or telephone.
Who to contact in case of additional questions that are not listed here?
If you have any other question for us, we look forward to helping you! Contact our customer service via e-mail at: [email protected], via chat in the bottom right corner of our web page, or via telephone: +385 95 319 2502 (Italian and English), +385 95 377 7678 (German and English), and +385 95 377 7679 (English, on weekends).