Camping with pets

Going camping doesn’t mean you should leave your pets at home or find some other option for them while you are away. You can plan your camping holiday with your pets, since they are additional family members; however careful planning should be the first step. There are some camps where pets are not allowed, some of them have special areas for a stay with pets, but in most of them they are welcome, bearing in mind that some rules should be adhered to. The planning process is recommended to start with an advanced search, which can be easily done at, with finding a campsite that is pet friendly and has all the required necessities. All options can be found via the Advanced search or you can always contact our customer service via e-mail, telephone, or live chat to get additional information about the options available for pets in the camp where you want to stay.

Before taking a holiday, it is recommended that you check the rules that apply to your chosen camp – whether dogs in the camp must have ID collars or any other ID mark, in which cases they have to be on leash, whether dogs are allowed at the beaches and if not, are there any dog friendly beaches nearby, what other house rules apply to dogs and other pets in general and their owners. If the rules are not obeyed you can receive a fine, so it is recommended to be careful about it. You can check all the details with us by contacting our customer service expert team. Checking the vicinity of a pet store and a vet is also recommended, just in case, to be prepared for every situation possible. For entry into Croatia with a pet, they should have an international passport or a vet confirmation that the pet is healthy and that it does not come from countries where there are contagious diseases that can be transmitted by pets.

Enjoy your stay and make sure your pet enjoys it with you.