FAQ regarding camping

What time of year is the best for camping?
There is no single answer to this question, it all depends on the type of holiday and location you prefer. If you are thinking about Croatia and the beautiful Adriatic coast, the best time to visit this area is in spring or summer or early autumn, depending on your preferences. However, it is always useful to check the local weather forecast and to see what you can expect. Besides, it is always advisable to check when the camps are open, which can vary among camps.
Is it allowed to bring a dog along?
Bringing a dog, or other pets, is allowed in most camps. However, you should always check that the camp is pet friendly during the search and reservation process, in the advanced search or in extras, or by sending a special request. If you still have some unanswered question, you can always check with our customer service expert team.

More useful hints about camping with pets can be found in the following text CAMPING WITH PETS
Can we take 2 cars when booking a camp?
If you would like to make a booking for two cars, please choose this option during your booking process in extras, or feel free to send us a special request. There will be additional charge added to your reservation/booking account, if that option is possible.
Is it possible to book overnight stops?
Each camp has a minimum stay policy, so you should check if only an overnight stop is allowed, but it can also be booked via Campsline.com. If you have multiple overnights, they have to be made as separate bookings. 
Does Campsline.com provide directions to the booked campsite?
After making a reservation through Campsline.com, you will receive a confirmation with all the contact details and address of the chosen camp. GPS coordinates for your satellite navigation can be found online for each campsite available at Campsline.com. 
When is the check-in and check-out time in camps?
When making a booking, please check the rules of your preferred camp regarding the check-in and check-out times. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our customer service expert team via e-mail, telephone or live chat in the bottom right corner of the website.
Is it possible to choose a specific spot on site?
In some camps it is possible to choose the exact pitch or spot you would like to have. For camps where it is not an option, you can send your wishes via Special request form, and your wish will be forwarded to the camp you have booked, however we cannot promise that this will be fulfilled.

Camping pitches and accommodation are rented in accordance with the agreements made between Campsline.com and the camp sites. Allocation is in the hands of the camp site and not of Campsline.com. Sometimes it will be possible to choose your specific pitch or accommodation yourself on the spot. However, this does not mean that a reservation has been made.
After getting a confirmation, is it possible to cancel holiday?
If you need to cancel your holiday, please send us an e-mail ([email protected]), and please have in mind that we will not accept cancellations by telephone or via chat. The letter/e-mail must come from the lead passenger. Some of the cancellations are free of charge, and some are subject to cancellation fee, which will be emphasized in terms and conditions during the reservation/booking confirmation and price indication.
How to check in?
When you arrive at the campsite, make your way to the camp’s reception, it is recommended to have your reservation confirmation with you to show to an official at the reception during the check-in.
Is there the possibility of a late check-in and check-out?
It is recommended to arrive and leave at regular times, which each camp has indicated in its house rules. However, if you think you will arrive late, please inform us of your estimated time of arrival, by adding it to your reservation details through the Special request form. Please bear in mind that some camps have quiet hours during the afternoon and are closed during the night.
Are there any regulations in camps?
There are a few basic house rules that most camps expect all guests to follow. Some camps have a period of quiet hours and therefore vehicles are not allowed to drive through the camp at this time. Children should always be supervised in some areas, like swimming pools and bathrooms. There might also be some rules regarding dress code. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the house rules of the chosen camp in order to know which rules are necessary to follow.  
Are the swimming pools supervised?
Some camps, but not all of them, have lifeguards on duty, and those that do may only be on duty during high season or for a limited time during the day, so please check when making a reservation. Despite the presence of lifeguards, we strongly advise that you supervise your children at all times when they are using swimming pools and water chutes, and that the conditions of use and age/height restrictions are adhered to.
When do camps facilities close?
All camp activities will be available throughout the high season; however, some might be unavailable outside of high season periods. You should also bear in mind that some shops, bars or restaurants in the camp (or nearby) may be closed during the low season, and this varies from site to site. Please check the details within a camp’s description and information section, or contact our customer service team before booking via e-mail, telephone or chat if there is a specific activity that is key to your holiday before booking.
Are camp’s facilities subject to additional charge?
It is possible that a deposit may be requested for the use of certain facilities, and this depends on each camp’s policy. There may also be some activities within the camp that are payable (non-refundable). Please check during the reservation process. 
Are barbeques allowed and is it required to book barbeques?
First of all you should check a camp’s regulations – whether barbeques are allowed or not. Some camps may forbid the use of barbeques because of the fire risk, and others may have a communal barbeque in a designated area on-site. Please check this information in the description of the camp you would like to book, in the extras/amenities during your search. If you have doubts or would like additional information, please send us an inquiry via the Special request form. 
Is it obligatory to leave passports (or any other ID documents) at reception?
Some camps require guests to hand in their passports upon arrival at the site and return it at the end of your stay. 
Will there be a safety deposit box on the site?
Please check when booking if your camp has a safety deposit box. Camps that provide the use of safety deposit box will usually be at the main reception, and bear in mind that they might be subject to a daily charge.
Will there be an ATM on the site?
Most camps will have an ATM on-site, but please check in Extras when booking or via the Special request form.
Will there be Wi-Fi on site?
Camps usually have Wi-Fi available, but please check in the advanced search options or in extras during the booking process, or you can send us an inquiry or contact our customer service team via e-mail, telephone or chat. Please note that in some camps Wi-Fi is free and in some it may be subject to a fee.
How can a child take part in the camp’s children’s club?
If you are a guest staying at a campsite your child is welcome to attend the site-run clubs. Activities they offer are usually versatile, and take into consideration which ones are suitable for your child’s age.
What are the working hours of children’s clubs?
This information can be found at the reception of the camp. Different activities generally take place at different times (most often in the mornings or in the afternoons). 
Is it possible to arrange a babysitting service?
Babysitting services are not a default option, so the possibility of this service has to be checked on-site or asked as a special request during the booking in order to see what the possibilities are. This is usually not included in the standard offer of the camp, therefore you should be prepared that this service will not be available.
Can we have visitors at the campsite for a few nights?
Please note that some camps may restrict the number of people per pitch, despite the size of the accommodation unit, so please check when making a reservation.
Where can we leave reviews?
If you would like to share experiences from visiting the camp, you can ask for a comment card at the reception or you can rate the camp and leave reviews at Campsline.com
How can we reclaim lost property?
As soon as you realize you are missing your belongings, please contact the reception desk of the camp with the following information: your contact details, full description of property, where it was last seen, whether or not it had already been reported. We would recommend for items of high value to report the loss to your insurance company and let them know that you are taking steps to get it returned, just in case your property is not found. Please be aware that the search and return of items can take some time and Campsline.com cannot influence that process.
How is it possible to check which amenities the campsite offers?
Each campsite has a description of the amenities they offer and you can find that at Campsline.com under the Amenities option or next to the campsite’s description. In the search process you can choose which amenities you would like to have on-site and camps with the chosen amenities will be listed. Please take into consideration that not all amenities are available during low season.
Are beaches free of charge?
Private beaches belonging to a campsite are free for guests. Charges are often made for sun loungers and parasols. Public beaches are almost always free (except sun loungers or showers that may be subject to an additional cost).
Are bed linens, blankets and pillows included?
Blankets and pillows are provided in most mobile homes, and sometimes you should bring your own bed linen. At some campsites bed linen can be hired, while at some campsites disposable bed linen can be provided. This information can be checked within the campsites’ description, at the amenities’ list or in extras. For any additional questions, please contact our customer service team via e-mail, telephone or live chat or send a Special request. 
When staying in mobile houses or bungalows, are cleaning costs additionally charged?
In some cases, you are required to thoroughly clean your accommodation unit at the end of your stay. It is also possible that final cleaning is done for you and that the cost is included in your rental. Where final cleaning is not included and must be paid additionally, this will be indicated as an extra charge in your reservation overview. Please bear in mind that where you are not responsible for final cleaning you should still leave the accommodation neat and tidy. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your accommodation at arrival, please inform the reception. Please have in mind that Campsline.com has no influence on that.
What is the procedure in case of complaints?
If something is not in order during your stay, we advise you to discuss it in a business-like and correct manner with the campsite and to look for a mutual solution. Should you be unsatisfied with the manner in which the problem was resolved, please contact Camspline.com before you take decisive steps. For further settlement it is very important that we are informed about your problems.
What type of electricity is available at the campsite?
The power sockets in many southern countries are different from those in northern countries, we advise you to bring a Euro plug.
Where can we find an entertainment programme?
Entertainment programmes are organised in many camps (like discos, bingo, various contests, cinema etc.). The entertainment programme is chosen and directed by the campsite personnel. Entertainment is usually offered only in the high season and in the language spoken in the specific country or in the most common foreign languages spoken by the campsites most numerous guests (e.g. English, German, Italian). On the Campsline.com website you can see entertainment offers of specific campsites, or you can contact our customer service via e-mail, telephone or live chat in case you have any questions.  
Which kind of equipment is included in the booking price?
That depends of the type of accommodation you have chosen. Rented accommodation is generally fully equipped. However, if you cannot be sure if something will be provided at the site, it is advisable to bring with you anything you need in everyday-life.
How are the campsites categorised?
Camps are categorised with stars. In general, one can say that a campsite with many stars offers more amenities than a campsite with fewer or no stars. It is important, however, to realise that the star qualification is awarded at a national level, which means there is no international worldwide standardisation. It is important to emphasise that Campsline.com has no influence over the categorising of campsites or on-site facilities. 
Where can we submit special requests?
If you have any special requests, you can put them in the reservation overview in the provided Special request form, and we will do our best to meet your requirements. However, we must emphasise that Campsline.com may not always be able to meet your requirements, which depends on the offer of each particular camp.
How can we find out which camps have a swimming pool?
If you are looking for a camp with a swimming pool, please check the list in the advanced search with amenities and tick the box next to the swimming pool option and the camps with a swimming pool will be shown in the results of your search. Please bear in mind that swimming pools may be closed during low season, or due to bad weather conditions. Opening and closing dates and the temperature of the pool water are fixed by the campsite and Campsline.com has no influence over these rules. 
Which camps are open during the autumn and winter?
Most camps open in the spring and close in the autumn. Even so, amenities such as swimming pools, entertainment programmes, shops and restaurants may have restricted opening times in the low seasons. In Croatia, there are some camps that are open outside the summer and spring periods. Please check availability before booking.
Should we expect any water supply problems in the peak season (summer)?
In rare cases, exceptional climatic conditions may disturb the local water supply especially on the islands during the high summer season. This may result in limiting the daily water usage for watering greenery, limiting the opening hours of swimming pools or in extreme cases of limiting the recommended daily water usage for bathing, showers or in the recommendation of providing additional water sources for drinking due to the decreased level of tap water quality. 
What are the rules in naturist campsites?
Staying at naturist campsites is allowed to all holders of INF (International Natursit Federation) membership card, including families with the mentioned card. Singles without holding such card are not allowed to stay there. Minors can be at the naturist campsite only if accompanied by parents, or legal guardians. Naturist campsites have their own rules (as other campsites as well), which are slightly different regarding the dress code. Rules may differ from one campsite to another, therefore it is advisable to become acquainted with them in order to follow the rules. Naturist camps are mostly aimed at naturists only. In most of them, guests can decide about their dress code while staying at their pitch, camper or van, whilst the wearing of a bathing suit is not allowed on the naturist beaches. However, at the reception, stores, or any other closed facilities it is mandatory to be dressed, while in other closed facilities it is recommended to use towels (mostly due to hygienic reasons). At most naturist campsites, it is forbidden to film or photograph anyone without their consent. 
Whom to contact in case of additional questions that are not listed here?
Do you have more questions for us? We look forward to helping you! Contact our customer service expert team via e-mail ([email protected]), telephone (+385 95 319 2502 – Italian and English,  +385 95 377 7678 – German and English, and +385 95 377 7679 – Englsih, on weekends), or live chat in the bottom right corner of our website.