First time camping

So, you have decided to try something new – so camping it is. Something new, something exciting. However, all the thrill can expire while planning the new way of holidaying for the first time. This is why we have some tips for camping beginners.

Your search for the ideal place can start at You can stroll through different regions and the destinations on one website, and colourful images with suitable useful descriptions might clear your thoughts about where you want to go. After choosing the destination you want to visit, you will have a choice of campsites at the desired location and nearby, and many options in the advanced search will easily help you choose what you want and need. The range of activities that are offered and the extra services you can book to make your holiday more comfortable and carefree will help you narrow down your choices to the perfect campsite. You will also have to pick an accommodation type that suits you best – a pitch, a mobile home, a bungalow or something else, and check the availability in the time period you have set your holiday for. And after finishing these pre-operations, you are literally just a few clicks away from your ideal holiday. The booking process is direct and easy - check and preview your reservation, fill in the contact form and leave the payment information, after which the confirmation will follow. Fast and easy, right? And at every step of the way, you can contact the customer service via e-mail, telephone, or chat in the bottom right corner of our site for assistance, if you need some.

After that, all you need to do is pack your bags, tell your friends that you are away and then share the remarkable moments from your camping holiday with them afterwards. When packing, one should bear in mind that spending a lot of time in nature and the outdoor activities, will expose you more to weather conditions than any other type of travelling. So, checking the weather forecast and following general tips on how to behave when in nature is strongly recommended. Also, in case you need some assistance on the site, checking the useful links and information about emergency numbers, traffic conditions and the like is essential.

Recommended clothing (may vary depending on the season):
  • Jacket – windbreaker or raincoat
  • Sweatshirt and sweatpants - good for sleeping or walking to and from the showers
  • T-shirts - both long and short-sleeved
  • Jeans
  • Shorts
  • Thermals in case of cooler days
  • Thick and thin socks
  • Hat or cap - adequate for sun protection
  • Hiking boots (depending on your campsite’s location) and/or very comfortable sneakers
  • Sandals or slip-ons to wear walking to and from the showers
  • Bathing suit (for summer holidays)
  • Bedding (sleeping bag if in a tent, sheets/blanket, pillow, air mattress/sleeping pad/cot/tarp, air pump, repair kit for air mattress, utility bags for storage)
  • Cooking (large water jug and water bucket, coolers/ice, thermos, stove with fuel/propane, matches/lighter, charcoal/firewood/buddy burner, tin can stove/box oven/, campfire grill/BBQ grill, fire starters/newspaper, tablecloth/thumb tacks/clips, plates and bowls/paper plates and bowls, (plastic) cutlery, measuring cups, heavy-duty aluminium foil, paper towels, trash bags, dishwashing liquid, clothes pegs, cooking oil, containers for food storage, potholders/oven mitts, pots and frying pans with lids, soap, cooking utensils - spatula, knife, spoon, tongs, skewers/grill forks, can opener/bottle opener, folding table, pie irons, mugs/paper cups, cutting board, zip lock bag, napkins, dish pan, dish rags/towels, scrubbing pads, seasonings/sugar/condiments, potato peeler etc.)
  • Useful extras - first aid kit, sunscreen and lip balm with sunscreen, insect repellent /candles, torches, extra batteries, camping lantern, small broom to sweep out tent, cards or board games, handy wet wipes, camera, compass/GPS, water filters, candles, misc. tools, backpack, fishing gear/license/bait, radio, camp chairs, sunglasses, hammock, tissues, pocket knife, plastic grocery bags, binoculars, rope/clothes line, canteen/water bottle/coffee pot, notepad/pen, reservations info./confirmation, mobile phone/charger and 2-way radios/walkie talkies, small shovel, safety pins, money/ID/credit card/quarters, bikes/helmets, work gloves, umbrella, drinks/snacks, small sewing kit, fire extinguisher, scissors.
When arriving at the site, or if possible before, it is recommended to read the camp’s house rules and dos and don’ts of the chosen campsite.