If you cannot imagine giving up all the comfort that other accommodation types have to offer, but you would like to try something new and exciting that will take camping to the next level, then we believe glamping is perfect for you! What is glamping in reality? As the word itself implies “glamorous camping”, it is still camping but in special luxury accommodation. Moreover, glamping offers something new, and combines the best of the both worlds – the comfort of a five-star hotel immersed in nature and all its beauties. So, when the two of them meet and combine, the result is a unique glamping experience. It is actually quite a new way to enjoy nature and stay in it, but without giving up on any aspect that modern comfortable living provides. Even more, some of the glamping facilities are so beautifully and carefully furnished and decorated that it can truly be a fairy-tale experience.

If you would like to experience glamping, at you can find which camps in Croatia include such accommodation types, or you can always check with our customer service team via e-mail, telephone or live chat at the bottom right corner of our site.

This idea of glamping sounds very appealing, especially if you are looking for a unique honeymoon, an anniversary, or any other special treat.