Privacy e Sicurezza obliges to provide protection of customers’ data, in a way to collect only necessary, basic information required for fulfillment of our services; informing the customers about the way of usage of collected data, regularly giving the customers the opportunity to choose the way of usage of their data, including the possibility to decide if their name would be removed from marketing campaign lists. All customers’ data are kept confidential, being available only to those employees using these data for performance of their work. All employees of and business partners are responsible for preserving of privacy protection principle.
Web pages contain information about products and services offered by the company  These pages serve as the electronic sales site of the company. shall not be responsible for damages occurred by using information from these pages in purposes beyond the frames of their anticipated purpose. obliges to apply maximum security measures for the purpose of protection of customers’ interests and preventing possible fraud. Payment transaction by credit and/or debit cards are performed through a protected protocol SSL using 128-bite encryption, what is a world known way of safety performance of cash transactions. shall not be responsible for fraud for which it cannot be determined having occurred as the consequence of technical-safety failures of the web shop system or failures of the employees of
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